About Us

The morning after Trump won, we woke up asking ourselves, how could this have happened? Then we asked ourselves, what can we do?

We built a team of New Yorkers who wanted to make a difference as soon as possible. We formed NY4VA and targeted our efforts on flipping control of the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017.    

We selected four strong, inspiring women running for office in Virginia. Over the next nine months we invited these candidates into our homes and lives. We grew NY4VA and together we raised more than $100,000 through ActBlue to support these candidates and the overall effort to flip the legislature. 

Each of the candidates we supported beat their Republican competitor, sending a powerful signal nationwide that the current political climate will not be tolerated. And that each of us can make a difference acting together.

With this experience in hand we're broadening our focus nationwide to tell Washington that the current political situation is unacceptable. Everyone in this country is entitled to get a fair shot, and everyone plays by the same rules.

Our new name NY4US reflects our mission to support progressive candidates running in flippable districts in Republican controlled legislatures. Focusing on these races has an important impact on how our country is run because critical decisions, such as voter ID laws and district gerrymandering, happens at the state legislature level.

There is a lot of focus on the U.S. Senate and Congress. But state legislatures - where districts are set and voter suppression laws are passed - have been overlooked. That’s why NY4US will continue to focus on high impact opportunities in state legislatures in swing states. 

We will apply our selection and vetting process, including conversations with local leaders, in-state organizations, and interviews of candidates, to identify energetic, diverse candidates in winnable races who share our progressive values and can become future leaders.