Who We Support in 2018


Helen Tai

On May 15, 2018, with the support of NY4US, Democrat Helen Tai won her special election in Pennsylvania by 96 votes.  She now serves as State Representative in the 178th Legislative District. Helen brings 5 years experience as Solebury Township Supervisor to her work in Harrisburg and is currently gearing up for the November election. Give ‘em Helen!


Elaine Luria

Elaine Luria is a Democrat running for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District. Luria served her country in uniform for 20 years with the philosophy: Be Good. Do Good Work. She sees this simple but powerful message lacking in Washington today.


Zellnor Myrie

Zellnor is running for the 20th Senate District in Brooklyn in the Democratic primary against Jesse Hamilton, a senator who was until recently a member of the IDC, a group of rogue Democrats who supported Republican leadership in the State Senate. A graduate of Cornell Law School, Zellnor grew up in the district and lives there now. He has a deep understanding of the community’s needs and sensible plans to address them. Zellnor is a young activist looking to fight for his community and for the most vulnerable members of society – the type of leader we need in these trying times.


Melissa Shusterman 

Melissa Shusterman is one of the record number of women candidates new to politics who was inspired by the 2016 election to run for office. She is committed to supporting a progressive agenda. If elected Melissa will fight to safeguard a woman’s right to choose, preserve and expand our social safety net, protect the environment, and pursue common-sense gun safety policies consistent with the Second Amendment and local community standards and needs which vary from community to community. She is a rising star in Pennsylvania politics running to flip the 157th District in the PA House of Representatives.


Shannon Chandley

Shannon Chandley is a current sitting legislator in the New Hampshire House of Representatives with an F grade from the NRA and an interest in improving women's health outcomes, building a vibrant economy, attracting jobs to the state, protecting the environment, respecting privacy, and ensuring access to education throughout New Hampshire. She is currently running to be elected State Senator in New Hampshire's District 11.


Jenn Alford-Teaster

Jennifer Alford-Teaster grew up in New Hampshire in poverty.  Raised by her mother and grandmother, she now has two masters degrees and is the geospatial research project director at Dartmouth College. She and her husband own their home, are paying off student loans, and are raising a daughter who, claims Alford-Teaster, "is a first-generation middle-class kid." Jenn is running to create similar opportunity for others and she hopes to flip New Hampshire’s Senate District 8 from a first term Republican.


Anita Earls

In North Carolina, a state where lawmakers have considered doing away with the election of judges, the election of Anita Earls to the State Supreme Court bench will be a crucial step in safeguarding freedoms.  A civil rights leader for three decades, Anita has supported communities of color in defending their social and political rights, and is well known for her role in fighting against North Carolina Republicans’ voter suppression and gerrymandering efforts. This may be the most important judicial election in America -- help Anita Earls swing North Carolina towards justice. 

Joanna Cattanach.jpg

Joanna Cattanach

A Latina who is running for Texas State Representative, Joanna Cattanach was the first generation of her family to attend college. She got her masters’ degree, became a reporter, and then a teacher of journalism. Her priorities for her Dallas-area House District 108 are education, healthcare, investment in infrastructure, and common-sense gun laws, including increased background checks and opposition to “campus-carry” legislation. As she has noted on the campaign trail, “My dad taught me that you stand up when something matters. Well, it matters now.” If elected Cattanach will be the first former foster child to serve in the Texas State Legislature.


Aaron Gladd

Aaron Gladd is a combat veteran and experienced public servant running for New York State Senate District 43. Aaron seeks to make healthcare affordable, put New York at the forefront of the technological revolution, invest in public education, combat the heroin and opioid epidemic, stand up for organized labor and the agricultural industry, and protect the rights of women and LGBTQ. Aaron carries with him the lessons of climbing out of rural poverty against all odds -- the importance of hard work, faith and perseverance, but also a quality public education, strong community ties, and functional government that serves its people. 

Jared Golden.jpg

Jared Golden

A Marine for Maine: Jared Golden, a leading Democrat in Maine’s House of Representatives, is now running for Congress. Golden joined the Marine Corps after 9/11 and was deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq, where he saw combat. Returning home, he became a Democratic state legislator eventually serving as Assistant Majority Leader in the Maine statehouse. He hopes to continue his public service in Washington DC representing Maine’s Second District, where (unlike the Republican incumbent) he was born and raised.  Golden says if elected he’ll “have voters’ backs” on issues like jobs and healthcare.

Screenshot 2018-08-23 19.28.10.png

Ana-Maria Ramos

Ana-Maria Ramos, a family law attorney, is running for the Texas State Legislature on a “women and children” platform, hoping to reverse her state’s deep cuts to education funding and stem the 1-in-4 dropout rate among Texas high school students. A first-generation American, she is running for House District 102 in Dallas County, which has appeared near the top of the Texas Tribune’s “Most Vulnerable Republican Texas House Districts.”  Ramos’s campaign pledge:  “I am committed to strengthening investment in our children and working class families by improving our public education, providing access to affordable healthcare, and creating a robust economy to ensure a prosperous Texas for all Texans and generations.”